Things To Do on Praslin Island

Things To Do on Praslin Island

 Praslin is the second largest island of the Seychelles archipelago with several satellite islands making it an ideal base to explore these islands. La Digue is barely 10minutes away by ferry. Clients will either opt to buy excursions or those who are more adventurous can rent a bike or car to explore the island 


1. Vallee de Mai - home of the unique coco-de-mer and endemic black parrot.

2. Fond Ferdinand - nature reserve also harbouring coco de mer trees

3. Curieuse Island - home to stunning rock formations and giant tortoises.


  1. Anse Lazio beach
  2. Anse Georgette beach (reservation must be made)
  3. Cote D'or beach
  4. Anse Kerlan beach
  5. La Pointe
  6. Anse Boudin (great for snorkling)

Anse Kerlan Beach Anse Georgette Beach Anse Lazio Beach Cote D'or Beach



  1. Vallee De Mai Nature Reserve
  2. Fond Fedinand
  3. The Glacis Noire
  4. Salazie & Pasquiere

Fond Ferdinand Salazie & Pasquiere Vallee De Mai The Glacis Noir